b a r b b r u n o
b  a  r  b    b  r  u  n  o

I work as a Senior apparel designer for Reebok Classics, Adidas group, Barcelona Product Creation Center, since 2010 .


- responsible for researching trends and new concepts
- understand the consumer and react to new trends
- knowledge of garment construction, fit and costing
- fair trips
- store checks
- make sure that each garment meets the categories product brief, and the seasonal design direction, and connect with adults ranges in some way.
- create design and concepts boards to communicate the inspiration.
- hand-drawn sketches 
- translate this to illustrator - technical drawing - (tech sheets)
- other required art / illustrations
- materials tool boxes ( as fabrics or trims )
- mentoring
- presentations for design meetings / new concepts
- special projects
- work closely with Mkt department, to align each garment in the range.
- factory trips to Asia, to hand over the collection to different suppliers.